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   Cultivating a safe, nurturing and creative environment for students, with Shakespeare and swords!



   To empower young adults with expansive thinking and boundless imagination.




  Our programs promote diversity and inclusiveness through the vehicle of Shakespeare's plays and poems, regardless of ethnicity, gender, orientation, religion, development, and economics. 

   We champion the belief that all walks of life are valued equally and different points of view are pivotal (or vital) in and to the creative process. Part of our educational goal is to instill mutual respect; that we are all teachers and students and can learn from our differences. This is part of why Shakespeare's works are still so resonant today.


About Us: 

   Shakespearience empowers students through William’s words and sword-play.

 They explore their own sense of self, shared struggles, joys, conflicts, and love,

creating empathy through the stage

    We offer expansive thinking and boundless imagination. For each student this cultivates deeper intellectual prowess, ascending self-esteem, and a greater sense of generosity and team work.


Shakespearience was founded in 2007 and became a non-profit (501C3) in 2014.

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